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I’ll never stop loving philosophy.

The concept of the Sublime has always managed to captivate my attention. I think it‘s because, to me, there is something fascinating and unusual about the notion of secular transcendence, which is an important component of the Sublime.
Usually, we tend to think of transcendence as something religious, spiritual, metaphysical – something that breaks and shatters the boundaries of the mundane, material world. And while there certainly is the Religious Sublime, the Sublime found in nature and the arts defies this concept.
Ostensibly, this category of the Sublime is solidly rooted in the physical realm, often without signifying any spiritual connotations. And yet, it awakens the same kind of quasi-spiritual, transcendental sentiments in us that are usually linked to religious experiences.

Given all of this, are acid trips Sublime experiences of this secular kind, according to Kant? Something in-between nature and man-made art? Perhaps this is something too bizarre to ponder upon.

Sometimes, before bed, I tend to experience streaks of idiosyncratic philosophical thoughts. Which is what is probably happening right now.