Ambience videos – a beautiful form of escapism

I was an avid daydreamer when I was young, finding relief in mental escapism through literature and art. Growing up, I’ve developed a… firmer sense of reality, I’d say, though this characteristic of mine has never quite left me.

One of the perks of having an overly active imagination is how easy it is to conjure up lively, blissful, and fantastical sceneries in one’s own mind. I often thought about this while browsing through various ambience videos, wondering if this is a similarly fun little escapism for others with a pronounced imagination.

Ambience videos use sounds and scenery to elicit a specific atmosphere – it could be a study room at Hogwarts, a medieval town market, a mysterious shed in the forest, and so on. I think the sheer variety of these videos is a testament to the creators’ (and listeners’) creativity and well, overarching imagination. When I watch these videos, I can truly imagine being there at the scenery, feeling and contemplating everything, and that’s what makes it so gratifying and enjoyable. So in order to truly delight in these videos, I believe, one must have an overactive imagination, be prone to daydreaming, or however you want to describe it.

Here are some ambience videos that I found particularly enjoyable and immersive.